SARL COTOLOT :  Dried fruit


Our Quality Management and Certifications

Our quality management policy is a priority

  • In order to guarantee product quality and realibility, it is essential to practise a strict selection of the suppliers of our raw materials: Prunes, Apricots, Figs, Dates and Walnuts.  It is equally important to make the best choices as far as our other partners are concerned (e.g. suppliers of packaging, transport companies, etc.).
  • The removal to our new premises in 2010 has allowed the installation of a  modern and highly-operational production unit and storage area.  All our machines are designed to meet the requirements of the food-processing industry.  Our  investment policy allows us to constantly innovate in order to meet our needs and the requirements of the market.
  • Our Quality Management Policy conform to strict requirements in terms of HACCP, traceability, legislation and food safety standards which serves as a major guarantee for our clients in France and abroad. 
  • Our factory is IFS/BRC certified.
  • Our Quality Management Policy is a priority both for the Direction Board and Cotolot team: our goal is customer's satisfaction and that is why we listen to our clients and respond quickly to any questions and inquiries.